12 At Home Chest Workout for Men with Dumbbells & Cables


There are many fitness experts overcomplicating chest workout for men and making it seem like it’s far more complex than it really is. Then you have minimalist trainers have gone the other route claiming that building a bigger chest is as simple as bench pressing frequently and getting progressively stronger.

The truth however lies somewhere in the middle. Sure there are those genetically gifted individuals whose chest would grow from nothing more than a few push-ups each night before bed.

Building a solid well-rounded chest doesn’t have to be an elaborate process where you hit the chest from all different angles. Likewise, it’s usually not as simple as bench pressing everyday if you want to build bigger pecs. There are two things you need to understand the anatomy and physiology of the chest. Once you understand what muscles are involved and more importantly what function they’re responsible for.

Choosing the right exercises and how to perform them more effectively becomes obvious once you’ve got your two to three key movements focus on progression.

If you’re performing the right exercises using proper form this ensures that the pecs are doing the majority of the work rather than the secondary muscles bearing the load and gradually increasing the load whether you’re training cables or dumbbells.

Chest workout with Cables Machine

If you happen to have accesbiklity to the gym during the parademic, including cable exercises in your chest workout is an excellent way to add variety to your workout, while building strength and training your pectoral chest muscles from different angles.

Doing chest workout with dumbbells at home offers more variety, but less stability. There is no resting point while using cable machines, cables are very effective with a goal to create muscle and improve strength for different reasons.

Chest Workout with Dumbbells and Barbbell

A recent study of changes in muscle thickness and strength with high intensity bench press training. Subjects were seven young men participated in bench press training with both dumbbells and barbbell for three days a week for 24 weeks period.

When compared to the group’s chest muscles (pectoralis major) and triceps measurements prior the 24 week training period, researchers found that the thickness of these muscles was noticeably increased at the end of the program.

As you press the weight off your chest, you are concentrically moving the weight upwards. As the weight comes back down, known as the eccentric part of the movement. During the eccentric phase, the the both the chest and triceps are activated as the weight is lowered towards your chest. As a results the group’s chest and triceps brachii increase significantly in size and thickness.

To keep the high intensity of the workout try only taking about 15 to 30 seconds rest between sets.

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