“The thought that anything is possible is my main drive. I don’t set limits for myself, and I think that is what made me able to transform my body in the first place” -Merijn

Name: Merijn Schoeber
Start age: Started at 15 years old, but starting taking training/dieting seriously when I was 17 years old.
Current age: 20 years old
Start weight: 67 kg / 148 lbs
End of transformation weight: 82 kg / 181 lbs
Height: 185cm / 6ft1
Total weight lost or weight gain: 33 lbs in 3 years ( And less bodyfat)


Why did you decided to transform?

I wasn’t a born fitness enthusiast or a big sport player. Believe it or not, I was addicted to playing video games. I never cared about what I ate, and I was a big fan of chips, fast food and ice cream. I never got fat though, I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. When I first started lifting, I didn’t actually notice much results the first 2 years.

I didn’t eat regularly, I had no knowledge of lifting and especially dieting and after 2 years of lifting 4 times a week, I was still skinny. I started to realize that I was doing something wrong. I was a so called “hardgainer” and I needed to eat BIG in order to put on muscle mass. It took me 2 years to find out how important the nutrition aspect is.

I kept dreaming about obtaining an amazing physique and decided to turn that dream into reality. I stopped wasting my time playing video games and started prepping meals, following proper routines in the gym, tracking every single food I put into my body, and most of all, doing ENDLESS hours of research on training and nutrition. I went from a gamer to a full-time lifter. When I started eating properly, I actually noticed results within weeks.


What keeps you motivated?

It is funny because this changed completely over the last 3 years. When I started out I was motivated by building muscle, getting bigger, impressing girls and basically looking good. It’s completely different now. I don’t see fitness as just a sports, or just a tool to change my physique anymore. Fitness has had an impact on so many aspects of my life that I can safely say that it has turned around my life for the better. Lifting weights is just the start. Once you live the lifestyle, trust me, you won’t ever feel any better physically and mentally.

I wouldn’t say I am “motivated” to go to the gym, because that is just part of my life now, and I LOVE it. I am, however, greatly motivated by the results of my clients and all the fan support that I am getting from all over the world. Getting e-mails from people that tell me that I’ve changed their life is just amazing.

The thought that anything is possible is my main drive. I don’t set limits for myself, and I think that is what made me able to transform my body in the first place. The last six months I have been starting up my own company (Student Aesthetics) and was able to grow pretty rapidly in only a short amount of time. I have a constant feeling that I need to make more moves, step my game up, and I believe this is part of my succesful work ethic. I’m just never satisfied. My dream is to live in America one day, and I believe that the harder I work, the bigger my chance will be to make this happen.


How often do you workout?

I currently workout 6 days a week.


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