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Squat Stance Foot Variation for Bigger Legs

Squat Stance Foot Variation for Bigger Legs

As you think about your squat stance variation, you might wonder whether your feet should be pointing more inward or outward and how far apart. Generally, you will want to take a stance that is slightly outside of shoulder width, and point your toes outward at 15-30 degrees angle.

Standard Squat

A traditional shoulder width squat. This is going focus on all four quad muscles. Which consists of individual quad muscles the rectus femoris, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and vastus intermedius.

Even though your glutes are targeted but the squats are not a glute exercise, it’s a quad exercise.

Sumo Squat Stance (Wide Stance Squat Stance)

The sumo squad activates all quad muscles. It targets more of that VMO, the inside quad muscle. Also known as the teardrop muscle as shown in this photo.

If you’re not comfortable with the barbell sumo squat form, alternatively you can use a kettle bell which is known as the goblet squat. This is a lot more comfortable for many people.

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The Narrow Squat Stance

The narrow squat stance your feet are much more narrow than your traditional squat. This is going focus on the outer quad muscle, the Vastus Lateralis. Your range of motion is limited with the narrow squat compare to other forms of squat.

The narrow squat is going to target the outer part of the thigh. For more stability you can use the smith machine, a hack squat, leg press, power squat, or any type of squatting piece of equipment you can use with this stance.

Final Word:

So there you have it all 3 different type of squat variations to target the thigh. Use these exercises on your leg day and you’re going to see some great things happening to those legs.

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