Fat To FitMen's Transformation

Radu Took Body Transformation and His Training To The Next Level

It wasn’t just about going to the gym. Radu made a healthy promise to himself and kept it, now he’s taking it to the level.


Name: Radu Ciuca
Start age: 29
Current age: 31
Start weight: 245 lbs
End of transformation weight: 200 lbs
Height: 6′ 1/2″
Total weight lost or weight gain: lost 75 lbs of fat an water and gained 30lbs of muscle

Why did you decided to transform?

I felt I needed to change my mindset and subsequently my body followed.



What keeps you motivated?

Right now, to become the best in my country



How often do you workout?

4 times a week plus 5 40 min cardio sessions



Please share your workout routine:

Monday: abs chest tris cardio
Tuesday: abs upper thigh cardio
Wednesday: cardio
Thursday: abs traps delts calves and cardio
Friday: abs back bis and cardio
Saturday: off
Sunday: off



What supplements are your taking?

Right now I use a 40g casein shake with one of my meals. Other than that just unprocessed whole foods.



Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

Rocky IV soundrack



Can you tell us a little bit about the competition you took part in?

Romanian Classic Bodybuilding Nationals, +180cm class. My first ever competitions after bodybuilding specifically for only 4 months.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“The better you look, the less you have to talk” Ron Love

Your future fitness goals?

To compete with the best in the world



Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

Have a good plan, stick to your diet and be moderate in the gym and with cardio



Radu’s Social Profile:

Facebook: Radu Ciuca

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