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Nicole Lindberg Body Transformation with HIIT Training INTERVIEW

“Nicole often heard negative comments when she first started but ignore them and continue push forward with her training”

Name: Nicole Lindberg
Start age: 15
Current age: 20
Start weight: 68 kg (150lbs)
End of transformation weight: 75 kg (165lbs)
Height: 175cm (5,7”)
Total weight lost or weight gain: 7kg (154lbs)



Why did you decided to transform?

I wanted to change my life. I was sick for hypothyroidism, which meant that i was a little overweight and had a low metabolism than an average person . I was partying almost every weekend, made stupid things and neglected at school. I was never afraid to swing against the current. The very first year I started training, I often heard negative comments. That it was weird to see a girl with muscle and workout in the gym. But even that doesn’t make me stop from training.


What keeps you motivated?

To see the results of my training and to see women both physically and mentally strong. My life is not complete without future goals and plans.

How often do you workout?

I workout 4-5 day/week but is varying.


What type of workout routine do you find the most effective?

Optimizing my workout and trick it my mental skill . Then crossfit training is very effective. Changing the exercises and push myself beyond my comfort zone.

Please share your workout routine:

Monday: Intervall training (row/treadmill) in the morning and strength training in the evening.
Tuesday: A HIIT or WOD with some different exercises. My choice depending in how stress my body is and capabilities.
Wednesday: rest day or Technique training.
Thursday: Intervall in the morning and WOD in the evening.
Friday: Agility & Explosiveness
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: HIIT or WOD


What’s your most favorite exercise?

Deadlift and Intervall ( High Intensity Intervall Training).

What does your diet consist of?

Meal 1: Oatmeal and Casein and a cup coffee
Meal 2: One fruit, apple or orange fruit
Meal 3: Chicken, fish or meat with sweet potato or Bulgur and lots of vegetables.
Meal 4: Crisp bread with quark and turkey and one fruit.
Meal 5: Chicken, fish or meat with potato, rice or bulgur and vegetables.
Meal 6:Yoghourt /quark with blueberries.
On weekends, I eat exactly what I want. A life without good food is no life.


What supplements are your taking?

  • Casein and BCAA
  • Multivitamins & Minerals
  • Omega 3,6 & 9.

What is your favorite cardio exercise?



Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

Dubstep, Drum and bass and Trapmusic.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“If you’re looking for a person who can change your life, take a look in the mirror!”

Your future fitness goals?

To be the best in what I’m doing and compete in sport that requires physical strength.

Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

Find what kind of training you like. Workout should be fun, not that you must do it just because you must. If weight lifting is new for you invest to a Personal Trainer that know your goal so you can optimize your workout at is best and minimize the injuries. Have some patient and train smart. Learn how to eat right, that’s the most important key to maximize your results. Stick to your goal and have some discipline and consistency.

Social Profile:

Website: www.bicepsnicole.wordpress.com
Facebook: Nicole Lindberg
Instagram: bicepsnicole

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