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Knife attack victim inspiring body transformation

What an inspiration! Knife attack victim life changing story!

“4 years ago I was involved in a knife attack which left me with a stab wound to my heart, lung and main artery. I was in intensive care for 3 weeks, during the operation (open heart surgery) my heart stopped 3 times and I was told I shouldn’t of survived, the doctor said the only reason I did was due to the fact that I was a high class amateur boxer and was so fit and healthy that I managed to pull through… due to my Injuries I can never box again.

I was 17 when it happened, it was hardest time in my life, I was paranoid every time I left my house, I lost loads of weight I felt like someone could just blow me over, I had a giant scar on my chest I was self-conscious of, I wouldn’t take my top off in front of anyone or wear low neck tops and I couldn’t compete in the sport I’ve done from the age of 7.

It was 3 months before I was back on my feet and the first thing I done was straight in the gym to make my body in to something I could be proud of. I was insecure about my size and my scar, so I thought if people want to stare at me, I may as well give them a reason to.

Ive progressed year on year and I will continue to do so, i will show you how, with daily updates of diet advice and training tips.” -Kieran quinlan


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