Food and hormones are the keys to losing weight, exercise can help to build and maintain muscle, which does help you lose but not as effectively as your hormonal state and diet. Before you do anything, talk to your doctor about your goals and methodology.

Your specific body differs from everyone else, so talk to your doctor first. Hormonal changes influence weight gain and loss more than any other factor, add more testosterone, you will drop fat faster, add more estrogen, you will gain fat, add cortisol and your belly grows much faster.

If you are unable or unwilling to change your hormones by injecting yourself with large (and possibly dangerous) doses of anabolic-androgenic steroids, you will have to make your own, and that takes a lot of work.

Again, talk to your doctor. Diet is simple, really. Learn your BMR (not BMI) and eat 500 calories less than your BMR each day to have a net loss of 1lb. This works if you don’t mind losing muscle and fat. To maintain muscle, you must do 2 hours of weight bearing exercise every week, or more.

Watch your diet!

Generally, many people drink their calories, which really doesn’t get you the nutrition you need. So, switch to water. Skip simple carbohydrates (sugar, corn cereals, sweetener, nexter, juices, grains, milk, and other such poor dietary choices). Eat low carbohydrate vegetables, nuts, lean meats (chicken, pork, fish), nothing fried. Avoid pastry and pasta, in general, avoid anything that is processed heavily. In short, learn to cook. Skip anything you are unsure of.

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