How To Motivate Yourself For A Workout

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Getting motivated to workout can sometimes be hard, especially if you’ve never exercised before. It’s easy to scroll your social media and see all the gorgeous people with their toned bodies and perfect photos smiling at you, while you sit in your sweatpants, eating ice cream and watching another true crime show on Netflix. That’s it, you decide for the umpteenth time, from next Monday, I’ll start working out regularly, because summer’s almost here, and like everybody else, you want to have that beach body ready. And maybe you browse some workout gear or ask around, but the problem is like almost always, you don’t get anything done. So, if you want to break this bad habit, here are some tips on how to motivate yourself and actually start working out:

1. Curb your expectations

Curb your expectations

The problem with dreaming about exercising is that people tend to imagine it’s going to be easy. A few times on a treadmill, a couple of push-ups, some jogging and voila — the perfect body! Unfortunately, the whole process is a bit more difficult, so get ready to do some actual work. When it comes to exercising, you need to be certain that you want it. It’s not about sweating your bottom off during workouts, but rather about knowing what things you need to sacrifice in order to gain the body you want so much. So, if you really love sitting on the couch watching TV or scrolling your social media, then you need to know, that if you want to workout, you need to spend less time doing nothing, and more time working out. It doesn’t have to be a bad experience per se, but if you want to spend more hours in the gym, then you should treat Netflix as a reward, rather than your main tool for killing time. Also, don’t expect to see the results right away because it might take you weeks or even months to see gain some muscles. Therefore, it’s crucial to be persistent and not give up after a couple of times in the gym. If you decide to actually invest your time, money and sweat into working out, you need to be prepared that it might take you some time until you see first results.

2. Invest in quality workout equipment

Invest in quality workout equipment

It might be tempting to spend next to nothing on cheap training shoes or sweatbands, but if you seriously consider working out regularly, then you need to spend some money on quality workout clothes. There are various mainstream brands, such as Nike or Reebok that you can choose from, but you should also know that some other, less-known brands also have high-quality gear. One of them is Rockay, so if you’re looking to purchase high-performance running socks, you might want to check them out.

It’s important to carefully do your research and find something that really works for you. Even though popular brands are often endorsed by celebrities and athletes, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other, equally good products from various other companies. The quality workout equipment is important because it’s meant to be used repeatedly, during a longer period. Also, going to the gym requires you to drink a lot of water, so make sure you buy a reusable water bottle since it’s much more eco-friendly than regular bottles.

3. Get inspired by the right people

Get inspired by the right people

As mentioned before, celebrities and athletes can be a great source of motivation, but keep in mind that they’re also paid to promote certain brands and also, their lifestyle is drastically different from yours. It’s easy to look great and be constantly motivated when you have a personal trainer and a chef on the call. Since you’re probably not like that, it’s much better to get inspired by everyday people who’ve managed to lose weight by working out regularly. Maybe you know some of them because they could be your friends, family member or co-workers. These people can actually offer you some valuable advice since they’ve been where you are now. Don’t be shy and ask them for help, because, you never know, they might have something truly inspiring to tell you. Of course, there are many social media fitness gurus that offer special workout and diet plans, so if you find them relatable, feel free to look up to them, too. Only remember that fitness gurus’ job is to exercise all day since it’s their main job, so don’t be frustrated if it actually takes a bit longer to achieve those results.

In conclusion, these tips can definitely help you start being physically active, but before you start, you need to be absolutely certain that you want to dedicate your time to exercising regularly. And yes, you’re allowed to skip a session or two, as long as you come back to the gym and continue to exercise every week.


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