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Former Addict Body Transformation

Former Addict Body Transformation

Here’s an interview we did with a former substance abuse addict that turn his life around and fitness was a big part on his change.

Name: Alexandru C.
Start age: started lifting at 22
Current age: now im 26
Start weight: when i started i was 54 kg and i got to 72 kg in 8 months
End of transformation weight: I gained 18 kg of lean mass
Height: i was 1,85 cm…still 1,85 cm now

Why did you decided to transform?

I was taking ecstasy,mdma, amphetamine, LSD, smoking, drinking all the time. And one day i took 16 Ecstasy pills in like 12 h…and i almost died. I decided to change…

What keeps you motivated?

I get high from my workouts…if i don’t train im afraid ill go back to drugs so this keeps me motivated.

Former Addict Body Transformation

How often do you workout?

I workout 5 days per week,but it was times when i was working out 6 days per week 2 times per day.Now 5 days,1 h max every session

Please share your workout routine:

Monday i start with chest and triceps,Tuesday i do legs,and abs,Wednesday back,biceps,Thursday Shoulders,Traps and chest,Friday legs again.

What is your diet like?

Meal one bacon,beans,egs.Meal 2 Protein sake with honey,and peanut butter,Meal 3 Chicken,rice,veg,Meal 4 Tuna,Potatos,Fruits.Meal 5 Beef,Salat or veg,and casein.

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Are you taking any supplements?

im taking Animal Pak,Optimum nutrition gold protein,Casein,Creatine, T100 testo booster,Omega 3,Multivitamins,Liver aid,Vitamin D-3,No-explode

How do you keep track of progress?

im using bodybuilding.com to track my progress

Do you have a favorite quote?

I’m show you how great i am” Muhamad Ali

Your future fitness goals?

Zyzz is my God,and Lazar Angelov…I’m a demi-chef de partie,becoming a fitness instructor,and a nutritionist. I see the body as a machine,and it needs the right training and right fuel to work optimal,without problems,as long as possible.I will make the perfect “recipe” for that. Eventualy i want to open a Gym,a restaurant with 100% organic food,a cleaning company and to have my own clothing brand.

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Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

For the people i will say this: “Go take a look in the mirror…What you see is not you,is just your body.Now exacly like a video game,life is just a game,so upgrade your body,bank account,your car,your house,etc.Take it easy,and make sure you have fun on the way.Never lisen to people who put you down,and always search for advice from older people,or who have what you want.or who look how you want to look.In the end we all die,but not everyone lives.”you can do whatever you set your mind to”Eminem.

How to contact you:

you can check out my progress here http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/AlexandruWolf/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lex.Rares
Instagram: https://instagram.com/al_wolf_pa/

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