Female Transformation

Finally Lost the Weight I Gained Over The Last Few Years

Please share your general workout and diet routine.

“Lots of running for the first few months and 5 months of eating no grains, no processed sugars, no corn products, and no dairy. I started it with a really heavy cardio routine for the first two months. I was running 6 days a week anywhere from 5-7 miles everyday. I also have been doing paleo the whole time (I occasionally cheat, but rarely.) After the first two months my workout routine relaxed a lot and I focused more on just watching my diet. The last few months I’ve just been maintaining with my diet mostly and occasionally working out on a rowing machine. Want to get back into running and rowing more frequently.”

Eating less but eating healthy was they key.

“My relationship with food is much better now. I am so aware of what I put in my body. I eat for fuel and to give my body as many nutrients as possible. I have more energy and don’t feel the desire to eat junk food hardly ever. I never feel bloated or uncomfortably full. I don’t deny myself though and I don’t count calories. I just eat healthy. I still drink alcohol, but I used to drink a lot of heavy beers – now I stick to vodka sodas.” -she said


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