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Fabulous 12 Months Fat Loss Women Transformation

jare body transformation women2

Jare 12 Months Fat Loss Women Transformation:

Name: Jare
HW: 22O
GW: ( WHO CARES, as long as I reach my goal the scale is just useless) XOXO !”

“My goal is to have a toned belly and be fit & healthy 😀 I’ve been overweight all my life, and it’s honestly time for a change, I want to feel good about myself and I want to be proud of what I’m going to accomplish because anything is possible; It might take me a few months, or even a few years, but I WILL get there, and I hope I can inspire many more people who have had the same problem as me. Any questions, just ask! I don’t bite ;*

jare body transformation women3
“The left picture is from 2013! 😮 I will be honest, I’ve started my journey on August 2013, it has been a year from now. I’ve went from 220-169! but I went off track this summer, and I’m pretty sure I gained some weight back! But, good news is that I have 3 months in crossfit, and I’m eating healthy again! My weight goal is 130 🙂 Can we just have a moment to thank myself for letting my eyebrows grow! they were soooo thin in the left picture, hahhaa! Well, I haven’t seen sooo much progress but it takes time! I gotta be patient, you can do it guys!”

jare body transformation women

Follow her journey at jarettzyinprogress

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