The way in which our beautiful body works and operates is truly as much weird as it is wonderful.

Old quote states, “all parts of the human body get tired eventually – except the tongue”, maybe that’s because our tongues are the strongest muscles in our bodies.

Next time you’re about to dig into your favourite meal think about this. Over your entire lifespan, your mouth would have produced two swimming pools full of saliva.

That glorious heart beating in our chest does the fantastic job of pumping blood throughout our entire body, transporting oxygen to all our cells. Our skin remarkably renews itself every 27 days and the acid in our stomachs is so corrosive it can dissolve metal. Powerful stuff!

Apart from all these weird and wonderful things our bodies already do there is one aspect of it that separates us from the rest of the living world. That little thing that happens when you’re saying goodbye to a loved one, when you hear of some saddening news or when you’re watching a tearjerker movie. Humans are the only animal on earth capable of producing emotional tears.

Now that’s something extraordinary and unique.

Our own personalities and traits may be entirely different, but we all share the same common biological similarities. Presented to you today is this infographic by Vapester which shows 30 of the weirdest and wonderful health and body facts to get that remarkable brain of yours thinking.



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