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Courtney Inspiring 72 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Courtney
Start age: 23
Current age: 25
Start weight: 110 Kilograms
Current weight: 77 kilograms
Goal weight: 70 kilograms
Height: 172 centimetres
Total weight lost: 33 kilograms (72 pounds)

Why did you decided to transform?

The kick start for me to really make a change was when my relationship of 5 years ended. I used exercise as something to focus on. I then began to lose weight and starting feeling more energetic and confident. I then realised I should have done something years ago.

Courtney Bond_transformation

What keeps you motivated?

I never want to return to what I was. I realised that I made excuses for being very over weight as a way to avoid hard work. I also use external motivation such as my heart rate monitor which tells me to exercise, a food diary app, my net diary, which is fantastic and highly recommended, new gym clothes.

How often do you workout?

4-6 times a week

A normal week may include (cals based on suunto heart rate monitor):

Monday – cardio 30 mins + weights (legs and abs or arms and abs) = more than 600cals

Tuesday – pole dancing session for 1.5 – 2 hours then cardio at gym 30 mins

Wednesday and Thursday are interchangeable rest days depending on life requirements.

Friday and Saturday – one day short workout of just cardio 30-45 mins and the other the opposite muscle group to the Monday session.

I aim to do more than what my watch tells me to do (30 mins of hard, heart rate 170+). I also aim to do more than 550 calories a sessions. A pole and cardio session equates to approx. 1500 cals.

Courtney Bond_transformation

What type of workout routine do you find the most effective?

I find that the routine should never stay the same for too long. Basically 30 mins of cardio then 30-45 mins of heavy weights. Currently I spend 30 mins non stop on the cross trainer (elliptical) and increase the resistance each week. Weights are essential. The heavier the better.

What’s your most favorite exercise?

Singular exercise = dead lifts

Exercise session = pole dancing for fitness

What does your diet consist of?

I hate the word diet because to most people it means restriction. I focus on eating between 1200 + 1450 cals depending on workout. I have lost most of my weight by just eating half of the amount I use to eat. It’s in the little things too such as leaving the cheese from my subway, not using butter on sandwiches, not eating white bread, having low fat milk, limited soft drink and almost no alcohol. I naturally opt for these choices. I aim to drink mostly water. Best advice, listen to your body! Only eat when hungry not when bored. Make a commitment to not eat after 8 at night and make sure you have breakfast everyday!!!

What supplements are your taking?

I take a plethora of vitamins including vitamin D and a general multi vitamin for women. I also take 4 fish oil tablets in the morning. The addition of good fats has been proven to assist in weight loss. Additionally I take a natural thyroid enhancer. I take BCAA’s on heavy training days and sometimes define 8 supplement powder if I need a kick for the gym. I have tried a bunch of supplement powders for energy but because of a gene I carry, they very rarely work for me.

What is your favorite cardio exercise?

Cross trainer (elliptical)

Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

I can’t go to the gym without my ipod. Favourite music includes :
– anything by shockone
– pendulums in silico album
– a range of hardstyle and dubstep tracks – fast passed and amazing for drive.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Nothing worth having comes easy

Your future fitness goals?

At this stage I am still working to lose more body fat but I am also weight lifting to improve my strength when doing my pole dancing.

Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

I tell everyone who asks that it takes 2 weeks to form a habit when it comes to working out. After two weeks you start to move your schedule around working out and stop making excuses so push through those first two weeks. Don’t believe everything you read about diets. Just practice moderation. You don’t have to miss out on everything like going out for dinner with friends or having pizza, just have less than what you would normally have. Crash fad diets don’t work at all. You lose water and when you go back to eating normally it all comes back on. The slower you lose weight, the easier it is to keep it off in the long term. If you lose motivation, find something that helps you, change routine, change gyms, buy new clothes and accessories. Rome wasn’t built in a day, be patient and find what works for you. And finally be realistic. You may never be that size 8 but then again being a fit looking size 12 is just as, if not more, sexy looking. Relish in your accomplishments and don’t be shy.

How to contact you:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/courtney.bond1
Email: [email protected]

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