Chris Hemsworth MASSIVE Weight Loss For New Movie

Chris Hemsworth is someone we all know him for his great physique and his transformation for the movie Thor. Which was impressive and very controversial at the time. A lot of people were asking questions if he was juicing to portrayal the God of Thunder in Thor. You can see it here.

New shocking transformation photos were release from Chris Instragram account, apparently for a new movie coming out called “In the Heart of the Sea”, which will hits theaters Dec. 11. From Chris Instragram caption: “Just tried a new diet/training program called ‘Lost at Sea.’ Wouldn’t recommend it.”

“You feel like you’ve tricked everyone successfully. I never felt big enough playing ‘Thor,'” the 32-year-old, star of Ron Howard’s new film “In the Heart of the Sea,” told the Denver Post. “And then people talk about you like you’re 9-foot tall and 800 pounds. I’m well aware of the illusion. There’s not a second where I go: Yeah, I’m a god.”


As you can see he loss a significant amount of weight and a great amount of muscle too!

Chris was on a 500 calories a day diet. he also trained every single day, even while on set. Despite being on a calorie deficit, he worked hard every single day which most people would consider overtraining. That’s a lot of hours and a lot of sets!

This reminds us of Tom Hanks for his role in Cast Away, only Tom didn’t have to sacrifice as much muscle like Chris did.


Well there you have it, Chris Hemsworth weight loss transformation! Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


Watch Chris Hemsworth new movie “In the Heart of the Sea”

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