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Alex Impressive 10 Week Muscular Transformation

2013 10 Week Transformation
2013 10 Week Transformation

Name: Alex Gallagher
Start age: 30 (10 Week transformation I was 30 straight through)
Current age: 31
Start weight: 215lb
End of transformation weight: 185lb
Height: 180cm / 5ft 10
Total weight lost or weight gain: 30lbs

What made you start bodybuilding?

Started using weights to compliment my Martial Arts training when I was around 16, then the bug caught and it completely replaced it. Around 19 I started to adopt a typical bodybuilding split.

What keeps you motivated?

Goal setting, it can be to increase a few of the core lifts or bring up a lagging body part.

Besides physical appearance, do you notice any other health benefits that you got from bodybuilding?

I think bodybuilding has instilled some basic principals that transfer into daily life, preparation and work ethic especially.

Do you usually work out a by yourself or with a partner?

I have had training partners over the years but recently its ear phones in and focus.

How often do you workout?

4/6 days a week depending on the split, rest is as important as the workout.

What type of workout routine do you find the most effective?

I like to mix it up depending on my goals

Wendler 531
GVT 10×10
Bill Starr 5×5

winter bulk 2013
winter bulk 2013

Please share your workout routine:

For the 10 week transformation I used an adapted PHAT routine,

Monday: Lower – Strength oriented

Squats 5×5 (Sets of reps)
Good Mornings 5×10
Lunges 3×10

Tuesday: Upper – Strength oriented

Bench 5×5
Rows 5×5
Military Press 3×10
Weighted Reverse Grip Chins 3×8

Wednesday: Abs and Calves – Hypertrophy

Cable Abs 3×10
Swiss Ball Crunches 3×10
Swiss Ball Reverse Crunch 3×10
Plank 3x 1min
Side Plank 3 1min
Standing Calf 3×10
Calf Leg Press 3×10
Seated Calf 3×10

Thursday: Lower – Hypertrophy – Upper

GVT Squats 10×10
Leg Ext 5×20
Leg Curl 5×20
Overhead Squat 3×10
Overhead Squat 3×10

Friday: Upper – Hypertrophy (Chest/Back/Shoulders) – Lower

Super set 1
Dbell Press Inclince 3×20
Supported Row 3×20

Superset 2
Reverse Grip Chins 3×15
Incline Press Ups 3×20

Triple dropset
Standing Shoulder DB Press 3 10/10/10

Saturday: Upper – Hypertrophy (Lagging body parts)

Bicep Curl 3×20/15/10
Dumbell Tricep Extension 5×20/15/10

Giant Set
Cable Curl 2×10
Cable Pushdown 2×10

Upright rows 2 x 10
W’s and T’s – Rear delt and trap work.


What’s your most favorite exercise?

Squats – its a love hate relationship.

What does your diet consist of?

On the 10 week transformation it was really straight forward and easy to prepare and stick to.

Meal 1:
2 x Bananas
10 BCAA Caps
Pre Workout
BCAA Powder

Meal 2:
50g Fiberone or Shredded Wheat
200ml Skimmed Milk
8 Egg Whites
2 Eggs

Meal 3:

Meal 4:
50g Turkey/Chicken/Beef etc
½ Tin Tuna
½ Grapfruit
4 Rice Cakes
10g Low sugar Jam

Meal 5:
2 Rice Cakes

Meal 6:
2 Rice Cakes
10g Low sugar Jam

Meal 7:
50g Turkey
35g Tuna
½ Grapfruit
50g Fiberone or Shredded Wheat
200ml Skimmed Milk

What supplements are your taking?

On the 10 week transformation, I used BCAA’s, Whey Protein, ZMA, Pre Workout (generic caffeine, beta alanine, creatine – no stims), Vit C.

half way through the cut
half way through the cut

What is your favorite cardio exercise?

Cardio? I like to do active things in spare time, but im never doing structured cardio to get street lean.

Your favorite Gym Tracks, if any?

Calvin Harris if I just want to leave an up beat album on.

Jay Z – Black album you cant go wrong

Linkin Park and Rob Baily if i’m going heavy

Guilty pleasures include a mix of 80’s power Ballards, lots of Rocky.

Your future fitness plans or goals?

I’m currently doing my next 10 week shred, I got a bit chubby over the holidays last year so its time to dial it back again. Check out my new log Pathetic to Aesthetic 2014- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-nBAAsrM4HDb-bbY2CFwjhsV0Q1Yd-Ge . I may even stretch this out and get really lean.

Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

Consistency, common sense and be accountable (record what your doing it will help you keep on track, a video log really helps ).


Social profile:

Website: www.naturalbrawn.com (under construction)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/401975123183601/
Instagram: naturalbrawn
Twitter: @NaturalBrawn
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/bbchamp03/featured

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