6 Testosterone Increasing Tips To Help Battle Coronavirus

6 Testosterone Increasing Tips To Help Prevent Coronavirus

According to recent studies, The elucidation of the role of testosterone in the battle towards COVID-19 infection turns out to be an urgent need.

We are taking about the most critical muscle building substance in your entire body that can help battle the Coronavirus and how you can naturally raise your body’s levels of testosterone using natural training and dietary techniques.

Testosterone is the holy grail of muscle growth and defines the well being of a man. To simply put it testosterone is the most critical muscle building hormone in your entire body and is one of the main limiting factors that ultimately determines how much muscle you can build.

The higher your levels of testosterone are, the quicker and more easily you can gain strength, burn fat, and get into impressive shape.

The following are the 6 practical steps that you can start implementing into your training and nutrition program to naturally raise your body’s testosterone.

We’re not claiming that these steps are going result in steroid like muscle gains or be forever virus-free but they definitely will make a difference to your bottom line progress if you implement them properly.

1.Use basic compound exercises

Use basic compound exercise as the cornerstone of your workouts at home or at the gym. Forget about bicep curls and tricep kickbacks and leg extensions.

Small isolation lifts do play a role in a complete weight training program but if you want to get the most effective results and stimulate the greatest testosterone increases from your body then you’ve got to focus on big basic compound exercises.

We’re talking about the proven bread and butter lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pull ups, dips, overhead presses, rolls, stiff legged deadlifts, and lunges.

These exercises are going to place your body under the greatest amount of stress of the gym and are going to naturally force your body to rev up it’s testosterone production as a natural adaptive response.

2. Train with High Intensity

Studies have shown that HIIT increases Testosterone levels by 97% compared to 62% in low training intensity or steady state exercise. That’s a big difference.

Always train with a high level of intensity. If you want to see real muscle gains you have to be willing to train with real effort. If the last one or two reps of your set and don’t force you to dig down deep and train with almost 100% intensity of effort. Then you just aren’t training hard enough.

A low training intensity will stimulate low increase in testosterone from the body. So get serious if you really want to rev up your body’s production of testosterone.

3. Train Your Legs

Train your legs equally as hard as you train your upper body. The important thing for you to realize is muscle growth is not just a localized event that happens at the level of the specific muscles that you’re training during your workout.

Muscle growth also results as the entire body as a whole is placed under stress and is forced to adapt on a systemic level and there’s no better way to produce this total body stress than through the use of hard heavy intense leg workouts. It’s the biggest muscle in your body.

If you haven’t been regularly performing intense sets of squats, stiff legged deadlifts, leg presses, and lunges as a part of your workout program. Be prepared for a huge increase in total body gains once you start taking these lifts seriously.

4. Increase Good Fat

Increase your EFA consumption EFA phase are known as the good fats and are found in healthy food sources like nuts, seeds, avocados. Cold water fish and healthy oils among a whole host of important overall health muscle building and fat burning benefits.

Essential fatty acids also play the important role of keeping your body’s testosterone levels raised.

You should be making sure that at least 20% of your overall calorie intake is being derived from fat and that you’re focusing on foods that are high in essential fatty acids. If your fat intake drops to low your testosterone levels will drop with it.

5. Decrease Alcohol Consumption

This might be difficult for some but not only does excessive alcohol decrease protein synthesis, increase fat storage, deplete your body of vitamins and minerals, disrupt your recovery in between workouts, and dehydrate you. Not to mention the measurable impact on your testosterone levels as well.

Some studies have shown that in a person’s most intoxicated state testosterone levels can drop by as much as 25%. If you’re serious about building muscle and gaining strength, alcohol should be consumed rarely and in small amounts.

6. Get Adequate Sleep

Make sure to get an adequate sleep every single night. Everybody knows that a quality sleep night is important for sharpening your mental focus, recovering in between workouts, and keeping your strength levels raised.

A proper sleep every night also appears to ramp up your testosterone and your growth hormone production as well.

When you sleep that is when your testosterone is produced. We would strongly recommend that you should aim to get at least 8 hours of quality sleep every night and if you need more rest take more rest.

There it is 6 simple practical steps that you can start implementing right away both in and out of the gym to raise your body’s levels of testosterone and accelerate your muscle size and strength gains as a result.

Don’t stress over coronavirus. We understand it’s new. However, there are number of ways to die outside of the coronavirus. In reality, cancer kills way more people. We’re talking about 26,000 people a day. At this point with the coronavirus, we’re talking about 108 people a day.

All death are not good, but do not stress yourself into a situation where you’re just thinking about this. You’re not actually helping your health by stressing about something that hasn’t happen yet.

The reason why we pay more attention to COVID-16 or to coronavirus instead of just the regular flu, which are in the same family is because it’s new and the mortality rate. The death rate for people who catch Coronavirus right now stands at between 2-3%, compare with the flu, it’s .1%. So yes, pay attention. But at the same time, if your immune system is great and your Testosterone is in proper range, you have a much better chance of avoiding it and surviving it.

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