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30 Celebrities that Can Kick Your Ass

A lot of us have seen way to many martial arts films. Some of them have been good and some of them have been bad. But no matter what, the films have been full of nice martial arts moves that made all of us wish we could do the same in real life.

Not all the moves we have seen are possible in real life, but that doesn’t mean the actors can’t take some heat in real life. Several famous actors are actually quite capable in real life – and so are several famous politicians and celebrities.

Just check out this Celebrity Black Belt graphic from Here are 30 celebrities that have everything from 1st dan all the way up to 9th dan! Yes, Vladimir Putin is apparently a 9th dan in judo, which makes him higher ranking than even Chuck Norris who is an 8th dan in taekwondo (and a black belt in several other martial arts).

Some of the celebrities we all know, but there are also a few surprises. Did you for example know that Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a 1st dan in taekwondo – and that prince Albert II of Monaco is a 1st dan in judo?

30 Celebrities that Can Kick Your Ass


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