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2 Years of Bodybuilding Transformation

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Name: Mikael apelqvist
Start age: 23
Current age: 25
Start weight: 89kg
End of transformation weight: 68kg
Height: 166cm
Total weight lost or weight gain: 21kg

What made you start bodybuilding?

Had a look in the mirror and decided to make a change and I stuck with it.

What keeps you motivated?

Getting in better shape !, mostly my motivation is that I enjoy it, peace of mind and the gym feels like a second home most of the times, that’s my main source of motivation.

How often do you workout?

7-9 times a week + a few walks and cardio sessions.

2 years body transformation2

What type of workout routine do you find the most effective?

full body split

What’s your most favorite exercise?

The bench

What does your diet consist of?

a lot of quark, cottage cheese, Lean meat bird, fish,

mostly tona and chicken ! and raw rice hehe

Pulled pork and pulled chicken are a week spot !

What supplements are your taking?

From time to time, I can have a Pwo and a Protein shake, and that’s about it.

What is your favorite cardio exercise?

Walking, I can walk for hours, if I got nothing else to do.

Your future fitness plans or goals?

At some point ill guess im gonna compete in CBB, but that’s a bit up ahead !

Your favorite quote

Do something for yourself, that your future self will thank you for.

Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

And when you get the carvings for sweet stuff and shit, just ignore that, short term pleasure, stand your ground drink water or have a fruit, You are going to thank yourself later on, and it’s not that big of a sacrifice.


Instagram: mickeappel89

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