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17 Year Old Teen Aesthetic Physique Transformation

Jared at 13 yrs old


Name: Jared Keys a.k.a Jared Fitness
Date Of Birth: 8/14/1997
13 years old 5’4 95-122lbs
14-15years old 5’4-5’6 122-135lbs
16 years old 5’6 140lbs
17 years old 5’6 160lbs offseason, 143 stage weight 3% bodyfat

Jared at 14 yrs old


Why did you start working out?

I started lifting at age 13 to get bigger and stronger. When I was 13 I was 105 pounds and people always joked on me for being so small. When I told a guy that I was trying to be a running back for football, he laughed in my face. Then I got cut from my High School football team for being too small, a thing that changed my life forever. After weeks of depression I set out to get as big as could. That year I gained almost 30 pounds of muscle in between august and february. I also got much faster lowering my forty yard dash from a 4.9 to a 4.6 second time, gained 60 pounds on my bench press (115 to 175) and doubled my squat (135 to 270). I kept lifting and gradually got stronger. When I was 15 I won my first powerlifting show at 135lbs bodyweight. my stats were 205lbs bench press, 175lbs power clean and 315lbs squat. Still not satisfied with my weight I began lifting more intense. I finally reached 140 at age 16, and set records at my school doing 42 consecutive dips, 240lbs bench press, 450lbs squat, 225lbs power clean, 465 deadlift 22 pull ups, 4.4sec 40 yard dash, 10 foot broad jump and 40 inch vertical jump.

17 years old

now 17 years old

Your Future Fitness Goals?

Now retired from playing football at age 17 I am a NPC mens physique competitor and Fitness Model. I am currently 155lbs at 3% bodyfat. I just recently competed in my first show (2015 NPC Max Muscle Virginia classic) and got 2nd in the teens division and 10th in the mens open. I am now training for another show in 6 weeks. I bench around 315 and Squat around 500. I hope to earn my IFBB Pro card soon to be one of the youngest IFBB Pros. I look up to Jeff Seid, Simeon Panda and my bodybuilding coach Quentin Randolph.


What keeps you motivated?

I am very driven and have found my self engaged in the weight room for up to 4 hours. I am motivated by all of the people who told me what I could and couldn’t achieve. For the longest time I had a chip on my shoulder do to people overlooking me. Now I know how to channel my hunger to make me the best I can be. Most importantly I learned that Failure is only Failure if you don’t improve from it. My goal is to make it to the top and bring as many people with me as possible. I will never forget where I began.


“2nd place teens division and 2nd call outs mens open! Not as good as I hope and worked for, but I’m bringing a bigger and better pakage to the next show!”

Social Media Profile:

Instagram: @Jaredfitnessofficial
Facebook: Jaredfitnessofficial
Youtube: Jared Fitness
Twitter: @Ndoegrindlife

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