11 Weird and Shocking Ways to Lose Weight


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There are many unheard ways and shocking ways to lose weight. There is no need for an introduction as the title of this post pretty much summarize it all. So let’s go straight to the list.

11. Le Petit Secret

One dietary secret passed down from slim French women to slimmer French ladies is known as Le Petit secret. Which entails wearing a ribbon around your waist beneath their clothes. The well-placed cloth will function as a constant reminder of your tummy fat especially when consuming big portions.

This will cause your belly to expand once the ribbon begins to tighten many women will grow self-conscious that they will effectively lose their appetites altogether.

Le Petit diet

10. Feng Shui the Weight away

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophical system meant to harmonize you with your surrounding environment and according to some. It can even be used for losing weight. For instance, the color blue is said to function as an appetite suppressant. Researchers have gathered that people who ate up to thirty three percent less in a blue colored room. Bluish light will make the food appear less appealing.

Gather blue colored plates, utensils, and even an indigo blue color tablecloth if you want to lose some extra pounds. Avoid colors like red, yellow, and orange which are all said to encourage overeating.

Burning the vanilla scented candle after dinner has been shown to dampen dessert cravings. In a recent study a group of 160 volunteers actually lost an average of 4.5 pounds each wearing vanilla scented patches. Soft tunes and music are also said to encourage slower eating habits.

Feng Shui

9. Spicy Foods

Hot peppers helped to raise your metabolism. Thai food for example is among the spiciest in the world and it’s very tasty too. Also spicy food tends to slow down your eating habits which helps speed up your metabolism. Turmeric is the key ingredient for spicy curries, it grows wild in the jungles of Malaysia and helps burn fat naturally, plus it tastes delicious.

Curcumin is found inside turmeric and helps to reduce inflammation ease arthritis and has been shown in several studies to help with weight loss.

Turmeric and peppers can be added to most dishes to add flavor and can help to slow down speedy metabolism. Researchers say that even half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper can help rev up metabolism. Spicy foods can also help clear away sinuses.

You can even make your own easy to swallow fat burner pills with turmeric as the main ingredient if you don’t like consuming it with food.


8. The Master Cleanse

This all natural weight loss trick is simple. Drink lemon water mixed with maple syrup, some sea salt, and a whole lot of cayenne pepper for ten straight days. That’s it, no food allowed. In this crazy claims which promises the pounds drop away. Some people that has gone through the diet dietary endurance trial claims it will help cleanse the body and remove toxins as well with only 600 calories suggested per day. Some refer to this diet as the starvation plan. Some extreme dieters have gone through this process for forty days.

However many swear by this practice to help shed some pounds since it has been around since the 1940’s. It’s all very natural give it a try yourself. It’s easy to make and easy to quit if you don’t feel the results are worth all that hunger.

7. Baby Food Diet

This crazy way to help lose weight and it’s by replacing 1-2 meals a day with baby food. Yes, that crushed up slimy fruit in the jar we feed to young babies. The calories per jar ranges from 20 to 100. This one is all about establishing portion control plus the foods consists primarily of vegetables, plant sources of protein such as soy and beans are commonly found in these start-up meals. There’s also a healthy amount of fiber in there to help in the digestion process.

6. Cabbage Soup For a Week

This extremely strict super low calorie diet is simple. Replace your meals with cabbage soup but you get to eat as much cabbage soup as you want and you can even a few select side vegetables and fruits. The practice promises you to shed pounds but warns not to sample this dietary treat to your body for longer than a week.

Cabbage is full of fiber and antioxidants with barely any calories. They say you will feel full but you may experience dizziness and light headedness. The full diet is complicated unless you want to go the super crazy all natural path of pure cabbage soup goodness for solid week. The recipe includes onions, peppers, tomatoes, celery, cabbage, carrots, belgian, lots of cayenne pepper, curry powder, and other spices for flavor and to help speed metabolism.

5. Stimulants

These pills pictured here are performing suspension super pills, also known as Thermogenic fat burners. These capsules filled with clear liquid are filled with tiny blue pellets which are called Terra intelligent beads which are said to provide Terra intelligent dosing.

These pills are designed to raise metabolic rates, increased Thermogenic fat burning, improve focus and energy. The formula consists of primarily niacin which is really vitamin B3 and vitamin B12 as well as caffeine, black, pepper, and other chemicals.

Expect to pay anywhere from 60 to 100 bucks for the performance enhancing capsules but these pills have been banned at the UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia due to certain ingredients. Whether over the shelf or by doctor prescription, there are a whole slew of dangerous side effect causing fat burning pills to be refer as stimulants. They range from low-cost to ridiculously high price. Always read the label and pay attention to the side effects when considering this dangerous way to lose weight.


4. Ears Stapling Acupuncture

Ears stapling acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine which the needles are inserted into pressure points found alongside the body. This traditional Chinese medicine utilize this technique for everything from allergies to pain and even for weight loss.

The staples are placed the long pressure points located on your ear which claims to help reduce your appetite. Some surgical staples along the inner cartilage of each ear will remain there for several weeks or months. However, this practice has proven dangerous especially when done in unsanitary condition there is a serious risk of infection.

Ears Stapling Acupuncture

3. Tummy Slimming Cream

There are a whole plethora of creams available online which promises to help reduce body fat. Some of these creams contain paraffin oil and menthol which are said to help burn fat deposits hiding in your flesh especially hips, buttocks, and thighs. Creams like green coffee bean extract said to help with belly fat it contains concentrations of red pepper oil, beeswax, ginger, seaweed, extract, and green coffee bean extract which promises to melt away unwanted body fat.

There are creams with anti cellulite which promises to revitalize your skin and burn fat. Some contain antioxidants to regulate the metabolic system of your body. Some combine caffeine and cocoa butter but in all of these products actual results vary from person to person, if they even work.

2. Sun Gazing

This new bizarre weights loss trend involve staying at the sun for short periods to replace food for ultra violet radiation. This craze has become popular in Hong Kong. Women will line up just before sunset and right before dawn. These are said to be the best times of the day to snare the tasty treat known as sunlight. During these times when the sun is just starting to rise or beginning its descent. Ten full seconds are all that is required to effectively devour your share of sun nutrients. Those who practice can get up to a full minute of direct sun to the eye sockets.

Sun gazing or sun eating as some call it revolves around consuming the sun solar energy instead of food. Think of plants on how they go through the process of photosynthesis. The theory goes that plants can do it why not people. Many claim this strange practice will boost serotonin and melatonin which will stimulate the pineal gland and increase energy and boost metabolism.


1. Tapeworm Diet

This one is number on the list for a reason. The tapeworm diet and it consists of exactly what it sounds. This practice has been banned in the United States. People will voluntarily ingest the tapeworm.

In Mexico for around $1,500 you can receive the treatment which involves tapeworm larva hatching inside of your digestive tract. The worm will hatch onto your intestinal wall and feed off the energy and nutrients from the food you place inside your body.

This worm will grow larger and larger eating more and more after a few months you must return to the clinic to take anti-parasitic medication which will kill the worm. The dead creepy crawler will then pass through your now slim down body naturally.

There are many disgusting reasons why you should not try this with weight loss. According to spike TV episode “1,000 ways to die”, a woman lost 60 pounds after ingesting a tapeworm but was killed after the insect laid eggs inside her intestinal wall.


There you have it! Do you know any other strange method for weight loss? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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