10 MASSBUILDER High Calorie Foods For Skinny Guys

If your main goal is to get bigger and stronger, then it really doesn’t matter how much effort you’re putting in at the gym, which specific types of foods you’re eating, which supplements you’re taking. If your daily calorie intake is not landing in the proper range, you’re just not going to make any real gains, PERIOD!

Calorie intake is the absolute foundation of your entire diet, and everything else that you do is ultimately built on top of that. To gain significant muscle mass you need to eat in a calorie surplus by taking in more energy than you’re burning because that’s going to provide your body with the extra energy that it needs to build new muscle.

It is possible for people who are new to training or for those who have good genetics to build a small amount of muscle while eating at maintenance or in a deficit because your body can use the calories from stored fat as a way to fuel the process. Keep in mind that it’s not going to be anywhere near what you would gain by eating in a straight calorie surplus. So bottom line, if your primary goal is to get bigger and stronger, and to do it in the fastest way possible, then you need to be eating in a calorie surplus.

Here are 10 High Calorie Muscle Building Foods that you need to have in your diet plan.


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