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Top 12 Exercise For MASSIVE Back Anatomy

If you are one of those people who only like to work out your “Show Muscles” such as chest, arms, abs and some shoulders then move on, but if you are looking to have a thick, dense and well balanced upper body then this graphic demonstrate the target muscle groups for each workout.

Knowing the muscles you’re about to work on can be extremely beneficial. Next to the legs, the back contains the highest concentration of muscles in the body and for good reason. The back supports the function and movement of all of your limbs and has a wide range of jobs that it needs to perform on a routine basis.


1. Place your right leg on top of the bench and hold a dumbbell while bending forward.

2. Keeping your upper body stationary, pull the weight up to the side of your chest

Routine: 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps


1 Hold two dumbbells and bend at your waist to bring your torso forward
2 Keep your torso still and pull the weights up to the side of your chest

Routine : 3-4 sets, each of 10-12 reps

Two Arm Barbell Bent Row

1. Bend at the hip, hold the barbell with both hand
2. Lift the weight, working in back muscles

Routine : 3-4 sets, each of 10-12 reps

Wide Grip Lats Pull-down

The wide-grip variation is an excellent choice if you’re looking to increase the width of your back and want to improve overall strength.

This variation will also help you with your pull-up strength, allowing you to work your lats with good form through the entire range of motion.

1. Push chest out with slight lower back arch
2. Pinch shoulder blades together as you pull
3. Minimize Swinging
4. Pull to just below the chin
5. Always point elbows down
6. Pause and squeeze lats

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