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From Overweight To Flex God Before and After Photos


Don’t over complicate it. If you are overweight, look in the mirror and imagine how good you’ll look if you lose weight. Yes, Quantel took that exact approach.

Quantel has been overweight since he was a kid. He reached over 300 pounds by the time he was 18. To stay active, during High School he played football and had some weight lifting until one day his life changed. Complications of the leg injury prevented from playing football. This had a direct psychological effect on him.

Quantel weight spiral out of control. He tried to get back into weight lifting but never stay consistent and eventually gave in. His self esteem hits rock bottom and suicide was often on his mind. He knew the only way to regain his confidence and life back, was by changing his mindset, focus on positivity, and have achievable goals.

This time Quantel stay consistent with his workout and diet program. Change was slow at first but those small changes add up and became noticeable in the before and after photos. It’s different for him this time, he came to far and there was no going back.

Now Quantel is proudly showing off his 6 pack on Instagram as a motivation to others who want to change for the better. You can follow the rest of his journey there.

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