Looking for some good examples of Post Pregnancy  Transformation? Here are the to10 Fit Mom’s Post Partum Body Transformation round ups from Instagram.

Most Post Partum mom find it a struggle to get back into shape after having a baby. But pregnancy doesn’t have to mean that you should give up on your fitness goals. Nor should you treat it as an excuse to be out of shape.

Hard work and consistency will eventually pays off . It will not be an easy journey but they are no other safe ways around it. They are many different types of workout you can do. Just be sure to pick one that you will enjoy the most so and stick with it.

If you’re still not convinced, check out these amazing transformations and get inspired by these postpartum moms.

Top Post Partum Body Transformation

Stormie, Online Trainer| Nutrition/workouts/prep

Instagram: @stormiemo_

9 months in & 9 months out!
161 lbs & 116 lbs!

“Becoming a mom has changed a lot for me. I never knew I’d be able to function with zero sleep. I never knew I’d be able to carry a sack of potatoes with one arm like it’s nothing & still do things with my free arm 😂 and I never knew my heart could beat so strongly on the outside. She’s given me a new profound strength. Mom strength!

My advice to moms out there and new mommas to be….. enjoy the time with your baby(s). Don’t worry about the weight gain and how your new body will look because to be honest although it might not be the exact same before you had your kid(s) it’s a powerhouse that gave L I F E! ♥️ <<<<< it’s truly incredible! So be proud! & enjoy every single moment you can! Those memories only last for just that time. Soak them in! Your body will always be there to work on. & when your ready to get back at it then go for it.

Do what you can with what you can and let the rest come to you when it does! I’m so happy looking back I didn’t stress hitting the gym or focusing on when I’d be back to “myself”. I enjoyed my new little girl and becoming a momma. That was my priority. & looking back I’d do it all over again the same.”

Post Partum Body Transformation


Instagram: @linnjacobsson

“So I went through my pictures the other day and that made me think of some of you. I often get questions about what my weight is and I also know that it’s a common pattern for some girls to stand on a scale each and every day to follow those numbers that actually doesn’t matter. Before I was pregnant, picture to the left, I weight 54kg and today, picture to the right, I weight 56kg. I haven’t weight myself since under my pregnancy (until today) and I’m proud over my body when I look at the mirror, and that whats matter! We need to stop care so much about how much we weight and look at our progress in the mirror instead. I’m feeling much better in my body today compared to the left picture, but if I only had focus on the scale I’m ensured that I would have compared my weight to what I weighted before, cause that was my fact back then.”

“I hope you get what I wanted to say with these and take care of yourself!”

Post Partum Body Transformation


“postpartum rehab”

Instagram: @brittanyperilleee
32 weeks ?? + 6.5 months pp

“It’s hard to believe this belly stretched all the way to 41.5 inches before I delivered ? what an absolute m i r a c l e that our bodies can do this ?”

“This second postpartum honestly has been a breeze even in the middle of a pandemic. I like to say it’s because I paid my dues with hyperemisis while pregnant ??jk. The real truth is because I knew what to expect having already gone through it. There’s a ton of power that comes from experience. I felt so much more confident exercising while pregnant and knew that keeping my body in motion would greatly prepare me for push day AND a much easier postpartum rehab?”

Ladies, if I can give you one piece of advice regarding exercising while pregnant, it would be, learn proper breathing mechanics and how to use your core unit ??

“I see waaaay too many women powering through their prenatal workouts ? doing exercises that cause way too much unregulated intra-abdominal pressure. Your linea alba (connective tissue along the midline) stretches and thins as your bump grows. It’s essential for you to protect it through proper breathing mechanics and engagement of your deep inner core muscles when exercising and even habitual movements in your daily life.”

“If you scroll back through my account, you’ll see me religiously “wrapping my core” aka activating my transversus abdominis tva BEFORE performing an exercise. Hand on my heart ❤️ practicing this has made ALL the difference in the world ? with my postpartum rehab.”

Post Partum Body Transformation

Tanya Geisinger, Fitness Model WBFF Pro Bikini Athlete

Facebook: Tanya Geisinger
Twitter: @GTanyagee
Instagram: @gtanyagee

“I lost just over 100 lbs total post pregnancy weight. I’m the happiest, healthiest I’ve ever been & in the best shape of my life. Don’t compare your fitness journey to any other mom’s out there. If you eat clean an exercise, the weight will come off. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, don’t give up.”

Post Partum Body Transformation

Audrey Percival

Instagram: @Fitmomoddree81

“It’s all about starting something and seeing it through no matter how frustrating and difficult it might be. If you fail and get lost along the way ask for advice from others. Just make sure you don’t give up!”


Cindy-Louise Moxon

Facebook: Cindy-Louise White

“I always tell people there is no secret weapon. It’s actually very straight forward…. eat clean 80% of the time, train hard, train smart and find a form of exercise that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it you won’t be consistent.”


Debora, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Instagram: @dumbbelldeb

“Nine months pregnant vs TODAY 9 MONTHS POSTPARTUM with baby #2! It’s been very rewarding staying active and healthy pre/during/after pregnancy. I am living the most balanced, healthy life I ever have, and feel so confident.”


Brittnie Nicole

Instagram: @brittnie_nicole

We all binge, skip workouts, eat the wrong food, eat too little food. We are human and we all screw up sometimes. Don’t ever give up. Try again!!


Sarah Jane

Instagram: @mzsarahjane

“Throw back to pretty much exactly this time of the morning 2 years ago 40w pregnant i was in labour ready to meet the man who was to steal my heart forever.”

Post Partum Body Transformation

Ingrid Romero

Instagram: @ingridromero1

“Being brave isn’t about having no fear. It’s about being afraid… but still doing what needs to be done”



Instagram: @stay_see_bro

The first pic is from when I was 8 months #pregnant with my first baby in #2009. I was 155lbs when I gave birth and I was 115lbs when I got pregnant. I currently weigh 110lbs (the second pic). I weighed 125lbs when I got pregnant for my second baby and 115lbs when I got pregnant for my third. So I now weigh less than my prepregnancyweight with a lot more #muscle! This is no miracle.. you can all do it too!


Janaina Barral

Instagram: @janainabarral

Eat healthy and exercise has to be part of our lifes, it has to be a lifestyle as we must have to take care of ourselves. Of course we can have cheat days and eat not healthy food but we have to remember that our body is our temple.


Kristina Vaughn

Instagram: @fit_strong_mom

My transformation from 8 months pregnant to 8 months post partum. Find your purpose and use that as fuel, my daughter saved my life and gave me a reason to push forward everyday! She is the reason for my success and she always will Be!

Post Partum Body Transformation