MASSIVE BICEP Training To Bust Through ARM Plateau

If you’ve been weight training or bodybuilding for awhile, chances are you know what it’s like to experience a plateau in your bicep workout or not making progress despite all efforts and hard work that you’ve put in.

As your results slow down, your motivation wanes. You might begin skipping workouts, thus making your physique and strength suffer. In order to keep the positive strength and size gains coming, you have to reinvent the way you train once you’ve hit a stalling point.

In this workout video by Mike from will show how to break through that plateau when it comes to bicep training.

This great tips will stimulate muscle growth. Guaranteed to have your biceps burning for days after this program!


It’s a two part short video so you must watch both videos to fully understand how it works.

Why it works? Because of the angle of the workout that truly isolates your biceps like never before from any other muscle that’s involve in lifting up the dumbbell.

The tradition up and down curl doesn’t activate all your muscle fibers. Most guys don’t work the whole bicep by missing extreme range of motion.

It doesn’t matter how your curling or how heavy you’re curling, if you’re not activating all of your muscle fibers, then they aren’t doing the work and no progress is being made.

Even if you have a lot of good size, but want to shape those biceps out more and really get that peak to pop out, you have to do this exercise.

This concept is for EVERY exercise you do, you don’t want your other muscles compensating, our goal is to work only the muscles we want to work.

Part 1 – Do This One Exercise To Get Massive Biceps

The workout will start with a Incline Dumbbell Alternating Curls. Tricks like this can help you get the most out of your workouts by utilizing:

  • Extreme Range of Motion
  • Increase Time Under Tension
  • Modify Angle

Part 2 – Massive Biceps Workout

This a continuation from the previous how to build massive biceps.

  • 5 Sets: Incline Dumbbell Alternating Curls. It’s going to fully activate those muscles, there is no point to doing heavy weight unless you’re doing the right muscles.
  • 8 Super Sets – Barbell Curls / Incline Dumbbell Curls (both arms)

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Did you try this workout? How was it?

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