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Fitness and Weight Loss: From Plateau to Progress in Your Journey

For many people who start out on their fitness journey, there comes a time when they may hit a plateau. What was working for you on your fitness path so far may no longer be working because your body has gotten to a point where you may need to switch things up to gain further results. Here are some tips to help you go from plateau to progress on your journey: 

Revamp your meal plan 

You may have started out your fitness journey choosing to follow a diet like portion control or something else that while somewhat restrictive still allowed for freedom of your favorite “unhealthy foods.” You may have seen plenty of results from this type of diet combined with your fitness routine. 

But, as your body reaches a plateau in your weight loss journey, this may be a time to reconsider revamping your meal plan. You don’t want to follow a fad diet when you reach a plateau in weight loss because all this will do is make it harder for you to keep the weight off in the future.

Instead, hiring a nutritionist to help you come up with a healthy meal plan that is designed around your fitness goals is something that can benefit you now and for long-term results. 

Enhance your workout sessions 

You may need to bring the heat up a notch, so to speak, in your workout sessions if you’ve gotten to a point where you aren’t seeing more results. Let’s say that you started out your weight loss journey with daily walks and started to see some pounds drop off. Walking is an underrated exercise that can truly benefit people in their weight loss journeys. 

However, you may hit a point where you’ve lost some initial weight but have stopped dropping the pounds. This could be a time when you start alternating between quick jogging sprints and walking or take up running to add intensity to your workouts. Upping the “difficulty” of your workout can help you surpass that plateau. 

Consider adding weights to your routine

Another thing to consider when hitting a plateau in your fitness is the benefits found in weightlifting. If you were considerably overweight for your age and size and started losing weight through cardio and have found yourself at a plateau, this may be the time to consider adding weight to your exercise routine

Many people think that weight loss is found in cardio because of its fat-burning effects. However, the right weightlifting routine can propel your weight loss forward even quicker, especially when your body is ready for it. If you have a personal trainer, talk to them about the best routine for your goals. 

Learn to relax 

While it’s important to be faithful in your fitness routine and eat according to a meal plan designed around your weight loss goals, it’s also important to take days off and recover. Your body can hit a plateau by overdoing it with your fitness routine, so don’t forget that rest and recovery on your journey of fitness and weight loss is just as important as the hard work, as well. 

Work with a professional

While you may try different things to get past your plateau in your fitness journey, you may want to consider working with a personal trainer to take you to the next step. They can help to shape a plan for your fitness routines to get you where you want to be. 

In discussing your needs with you, they may talk about what you’ve been doing so far, the progress that you’ve already made, and what kind of exercise you may be used to. They could incorporate new types of exercise to help challenge your body and get you the results you’re shooting for. When in doubt, speak to a professional. 


In Conclusion 

From changing up your workout routine to revisiting your weight loss meal plan, it’s important to look at how you can get past your plateau to progress on your fitness journey. Consider working with a professional who can help you learn what’s needed to reach your goals! 


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