$70 A Week Low Budget Bodybuilding Bulking Diet Plan

Bodybuilding Bulking Diet Plan

Inspired by brother brand Animal’s “Big on a Budget” series, Universal presents the new “Size for Seventy” series, AKA Bodybuilding Bulking Diet Plan.

The inaugural episode features the French-Canadian IFBB Pro and Universal athlete Antoine Vaillant who is given $70 to buy a week’s worth of bodybuilding food at supermarket in New Jersey.

Which equals $10 a day, you will get a total of 216 grams of and 4,045 of calories per day, not bad at all! (price is US based, may vary depending on where you live)

If you’re bulking with a minimum budget, whether if your a student or someone who is looking to add the extra macros during the bulking phase, I’d recommend you to watch this video, as it gives you a pretty good idea about what foods to buy and why. At the end of the video Antoine also shows you how to cook the food.

Tip from Antoine:
An important tip that Antoine gives about rice is to put a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in it once you have completed cooking it. Because you already all the Saturated fats coming from the meat and the eggs, so you will need a good source of fat to help balance it out with olive oil which is mono unsaturated fats.

Here’s what you can get for 70 dollars:

• 7 pounds of lean ground beef
• 14 cans of tuna
• 3 dozen large eggs
• bag of long grain rice
• 2 Oatmeals
• Extra Virgin Olive oil
• Hot sauce (for beef)
• Soy source (low sodium)
• Ground Cinnamon (for oatmeal)
• Banana

Macros for each meal and totaled for the entire day:
Meal 1: Breakfast

• 2 cups of quick oats, season with cinnamon to taste

• 1 banana, chopped into oatmeal

• 5 eggs scrambled, flavored with soy sauce

37g fat/137g carbs/51g protein: 1,175 calories

Meal 2: Pre-Workout

• 8oz of 80% lean ground beef

• 1.5 cups long-grain white rice, seasoned with soy sauce

• 1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil (added to rice after cooking)

62g fat/68g carbs/46g protein: 996 calories

Meal 3: Post-Workout

• 1 scoop Ultra Whey Pro

2g fat/3.5g carbs/22g protein: 120 calories

• 1 scoop Ultra Whey Pro & ½ cup of quick oats

5g fat/31g carbs/27g protein: 270 calories

Meal 4

• Two 5-oz cans of chunk light tuna

• 1.5 cups long-grain white rice

• 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil (added after cooking)

16g fat/68g carbs/46g protein: 608 calories

Meal 5

• 8oz. of 80% lean ground beef

• 1.5 cups long-grain white rice, seasoned with soy sauce

• 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil (added after cooking)

62g fat/68g carbs/46g protein: 996 calories

*Daily Totals

179g fat/343g carbs/211g protein: 3,895 calories

**Daily Totals (with oats with post-workout shake)

182g fat/370g carbs/216g protein: 4,045 calories



Whether if it’s a $70 week or $100 a week Bulking Diet Plan, the principle remains the same. As we progress further into our dietary journey, we’ll continue to make substitutions to reduce calorie intake and maintain nutritional balance. Remember, a balanced diet isn’t about deprivation; it’s about making mindful choices that align with your goals.

So, whether you’re on a bulking journey, striving for healthier eating habits, or merely curious about budget-friendly grocery shopping. This haul offers a glimpse into how you can achieve both health and fiscal fitness. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat,” and that journey starts with your grocery cart.

*Calculate calories by exercise

Did you find this useful for you diet plan? Have you tried it? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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