Warm Up and Cool Down – Before trainng raise your heart rate through 5-10 minute light cardio exercise and perform exerciseswith little or no weight, to prepare your muscles and joints for heavy weight. After training stretch the major to groups to aid recovery and return your muscles to their normal state.

Change your workout – Vary the length of rest periods, the number of reps, and weights used. For example try taking one second to lift the weight and five seconds to lower, or taking your rest time between exercises and see how your body responds! Did you know your body can adapt to repetitive exercise programs in 4 weeks.

Technique – After lying down, ensure your whole back is contract with the floor or equipment, and your abs is tight. When standing keep your back straight and abs tight, bend your knees slightly and avoid using your momentum to lift the weight.

Hydration affects performance and resistance to injury. It is important to stay hydrated before, during and after your workout by drinking plenty of water. This is particularly true in hot environments.

back workout routine

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