So which is better, Wide Grip or Close-Grip Seated Cable Row?

Well, it depends on your goals. If your focusing on targeting your lower lats, go with the close-grip handle (although many believe that it’s middle back exercise) but if you want to emphasizes the upper lats, and traps for a V-taper, then choose the wide grip bar. For the wide grip handle, your arms are parallel to the floor and elbows are out to the sides more, which hits more of the outer lats creating a straight line across your rhomboids, middle traps, and other back muscles. Compare to the close grip row, your elbows are close to the sides and this hits more of the lower lats.

Always use correct form!

When doing the seated cable row, you will often see people using too much weight, leaning forward with their whole body, as if it was another exercise! Your no longer isolating the back with this motion. To isolated the back effectively make sure not to lean forward or backward. You want to stabilize your upper body and engage your core. To prevent back injuries, never round the back when performing seated rows with heavy weights.

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Video Tutorial: How to do Seated Cable Row

A 2020 demonstration on how to properly perform the Close Grip Seated Cable Row.

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