After seeing a photo of herself performing in a school production, Broberg became sadly aware that she was in a bad situation. She told herself there was no way she could go to college carry this much weight.

“My stomach must have been the size of a horse’s after all those years of overeating, I was always eating way more than I was supposed to,” she admitted.

I got my life back The only thing that can stop your weightloss or fight towards your goal is yourself and your mindset! You really gotta stop saying you can't or it's not possible – because it IS possible! I've been obese my entire life, so I didn't even know how it feels to be thin/normal size! But I can tell you guys… It's amazing I loooove my life after I've lost weight and after a loooong time finally feeling good in my own skin ❤️ My weightloss has been a long and super hard adventure, and I'm far from done ✨ This is a lifestyle, not a diet!! You can't just go back to your unhealthy and old eating/living habits after you've lost weight! And you'll never be able to do that again ☝️ But what motivated me? Well… Honestly all I wanted was a boyfriend I've always been a tomboy and I was "one of the dudes" when I was fat… But I just want some love And through my life I've been told that I had such a pretty face, so I just wanted a body that matches my face And ofc I wanted to look good naked hahaha, this is really honest And please keep in mind that I was 16 when I started loosing weight – i just wanna be young, free and happy and enjoy my youth #healthychoices#healthyliving#sundlivsstil#træning#transformation#transformationtuesday#vægttab2016#vægttab#weightloss#weightlossstory#weightlosssucces#goals#bodygoals#bulk#lean#abs#gymgirl#gymmotivation#fitfam#fitness#fitnessworlddk#workoutmotivation#hardworkpaysoff#girls#life#inspiring#inspiration

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In 2015 Broberg opted for a tummy tuck to get rid of the extra skin.

1 year post-tummytuck #tummytuckrecovery _ It's exactly ONE year since I woke up from my operation totally high on medications and EXTREMELY excited about my skins removal It was one of the best days in my life!! _ And now I'm here one year after with an almost invisible scar I couldn't ask for a prettier scar than this!! So freeeeakin blessed about my healing abilities and everything I didn't have any complications except for one little stitch that didn't wanted to stay inside But the doctors just cut that away and that was it! _ And my belly button (which I'm able to see, lol) are also healing so well!! Tho I can't feel anything inside it still looks cute _ Just wanted to share with you guys any of you who's been through the same procedure as me? Let me know! _ #posttummytuck#tummytuck

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Broberg continues with her strict exercise routine after the surgery and now has an advice for people who are inspired by her story and want to follow her footsteps, “Keep this note to yourself if you have to loose a lot of weight – You’re skin will not follow with the rest of the body! Start lifting heavy and build muscles AFTER you’ve lost a good amount of weight, in that way you’ll be able to tighten up your skin as much as possible because you’re gaining muscles,”

Measurements This is crazy! _ If I can do it so can you! Anything is possible it you want enough – never stop believing in yourself and stay strong. This is a journey that's been going on since summer, 2012. My weightloss journey ended 2,5 years ago and since that I've been working out in the gym minimum 3 times EVERY week. In a period from Fall, 2014 to Summer, 2015 I've been eating too healthy (and too little) + worked out 6 times pr week. At that time my measurements were lower than they are now – At 57 kg (125lbs) _ Bust: 79 cm Waist: 60 cm Hip: 80 cm _ I was really skinny at that time but I had loose skin/harsh fat .. I started to eat more (2200kcal) everyday and I've been following well organized workout schedules for 1 year now and this is where I am today. Hard work do pay off! _ If you really want to change your life you gotta decide to find the power within you. You are the only one to make it happen. You're the only one who controls what goes in to your mouth, how long you walk, how much you're being active. Get control over your brain, because that's the one you can blame: You're in control, not your inner-voice! Don't waist time on the right time to come – there is no perfect time, you just have to start and never look back. It will be tough and it will feel like an endless road, but you will make if you just don't quit! How much do you want it? _ … Ask yourself _ #determination

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