Kai will vary his grip between and within workouts to hit multiple areas of his back. Elbows are pulled back to the side while squeezing the mid back and lower back muscle together for maximum contraction.




When Kai does the Close Grip Pulldown, he doesn’t lean back like a lot guys do to pull more weight. He pulls down the handle down to his upper chest while contracting the hell out of his lats, then repeats. Kai pictures his arm as hook and use less of his biceps as much as he can since it is a back workout.




Kai wil perform these leaning into the seat, legs out behind him rather than under the knee pads. This will make him use less weight, but allows him to focus more on the feeling the muscle tension in his back. It also lend itself to pulldowns behind the neck, which Greene regularly does. Kai brings the bar down steady, squeezing his traps, rear delts, and then lats, rotating his elbows slightly, alternately abducting and adducting his scapula.



Kai Greene Back Workout Routine Program Chart


Article credit: Tony Monchinski, Ph.D

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