There are literally tons of information out there on the internet about losing belly fat but we’re just going to mention the methods that has proven to work. If you actually apply this consistently for the next 14 days, every single day, you will GET RESULTS, and the results will be great. How much fat you lose depends on you, how much you can apply, the intensity when you exercise, and strictly follow the diet tips provide here.

Starchy carbs

When it comes to stomach fat it’s all about carbohydrates. In particular it’s about “starchy carbs” and variation of that is sugar. By starchy carbs we’re referring to bread, pastor, rice, potatoes, and food that are quote as starchy. The fact is when consumed, they are going to cause the blood sugar in your body to elevate. It has been shown time and time again and it’s a proven fact that it attributes to a lot of the stomach fat issues that you’re having.

So for the next two weeks you will completely eliminate starchy carbs altogether. If your main goal is to get rid of stomach fat as quickly as possible, then this is the step that you need to take. However, there is an exception for those who insist on having them, I would recommend organic brown rice which is a good whole grain to eat. Everything else must be cut-out. Have you ever wonder why you couldn’t lose any stomach fat no matter how much exercise you did? When this method is apply consistently every day, huge results are going to show up.


Sugar, another stomach fat’s worse enemy. This means getting rid of all soft drinks and fruit juices that you buy at the store. Even the freshly squeezed juices that you may make at home, eat the whole fruit if you’re going to have them.

According to Dr. Walter Willett from Harvard School of Public Health, “go easy on fruits that are higher in carbohydrate, such as oranges, bananas, apricots, cherries, grapes, mangoes, pineapple and pears. Also, avoid fruit juices, since they contain a lot of sugary calories; choose whole fruit instead, since it has more fiber and will make you feel more full”


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