“I hadn’t lost all my weight just yet in that final pic on the right. I posted this pic back in April 2013. It’s been stolen by various websites promoting their products and promising my results. And even though I’ve seen it done too many times, it still makes me ANGRY. I’ve worked so hard, I’ve cried, I’ve wanted to give up endless amounts of times. If I had used a product I would have no reason to hide it, I wouldn’t care about what others thought or about being judged. Shoot I get judged and hated on regardless! I’m an open book, I don’t share my story for any ulterior motive other than to open the public eye to what “commitment” can achieve. To what drive can obtain, to what faith, hard work, & sacrifice will look like if we remain patient.”

“To be able to stick to something long enough (commit) and to see results appear in front of your eyes is a huge accomplishment. Sometimes we get so involved past the point that we don’t see that we are overdoing it. In the left picture I was doing 5 miles 4-5 days a week. I also did my at home workouts which included: push ups, kettle bell exercises, crunches, etc. I was so thin that I was losing muscle. Now, on the right, I have gained some muscle weight and am beginning to tone further. I increased lifting and decreased on the cardio. Im also consuming more protein foods and quit obsessing on calories. Maintaining is no joke and it’s just as difficult as any other part of weight loss. But is it possible? Abso-freakin-lutely!!! We are all in different stages of our journey, and we face separate difficulties…”

“Because no matter how many times you say to yourself, “Tomorrow, tomorrow I start!” Or “Ok! This time I’m not giving up!” You can repeat this to yourself over and over but if you don’t commit to your words…that’s just it. Words are just words. If you have no intention, no motive, no passion, no will behind those words…then they will be blown away by the wind. Commitment is what will make those words, those wants, those goals into a reality. And because I stopped making empty promises to myself and instead acted on my desire to a better healthier me–because of that alone–I stand here today.”



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