“A Transformation is a new Lifestyle. Your body need time to learn and accept your new ways” -Adriana

Name: Adriana Imerovic
Start age: 19
Current age: 21
Start weight: 161 lbs (73 KG)
End of transformation weight: 140 lbs (64 KG)
Height: 5’9” (175 cm)
Total weight lost or weight gain: 21 lbs, Body fat from 29% up to 20%

Why did you decided to transform?

At first I just wanted to be thin like the models on TV. So I’ve tried hundreds of diets. But none gave me the body I wanted. So I started to do a lot of sports because I wanted to have muscles. Thin women have no curves, they were just thin and I didn’t want to look like them anymore. So the gym, dummbells and weights are my best friend (and still are). One day I saw this wonderful and beautiful Girls in nice Bikinis and High Heels on the stage (an they were not Top models) and since that moment I knew my target. It was a Bikini Cup in the Fitness Class. I started going to the gym every day and Train hard to make my dream come true.


What keeps you motivated?

I love this lifestyle, it’s so much more than only going to gym. It’s the healthy food, the good feeling, seeing the progress, the experience, the transformation every time I look in the mirror. When you work hard for your body, the most motivation are the results!!

How often do you workout?

I workout 6-7 x in a week for 2 hours.


Please share your workout routine:

Monday: cardio day (stepper, jogging or my otal body workout class in the Gym (oh my classes are hard)) 1 hour.
Tuesday: Chest, Biceps, Triceps
Wednesday: glute!!! I love it!!!
Thursday: back, shoulders
Friday: free day 🙂
Saturday: legday
Sunday: back, shoulders




Do you have a favorite quote?

It’s not your proficiency, It’s your intention that make your dreams come true.

Your future fitness goals?

Bikini Fitness Competitions


Any advice or tips for aspiring transformers?

Stay PATIENT! A Transformation is a new Lifestyle. Your Body Need time to learn and accept your new ways :)Don’t forget the healthy NUTRITION, oh that’s so important!! 🙂


Social Media Profile:

Facebook: www.facebook.de/AdrianaBikiniAthletin (fan site – with lots of recipes, pictures an motivation:) or www.facebook.de/adriana-imerovic (official)

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