This workout routine is designed to tone and tighten the entire lower body area. Many individuals perform moves that simply work the front of the leg (quadriceps). This leg workout is well rounded to work every set of lower body muscles, including the glutes.

Most leg workouts rely heavily on various forms of squatting and with good reason. Squats tone the front and back of the leg, as well as the glutes. Because it is utilizing several sets of muscles at once, the squat produces quick results and can burn a large amount of calories in a relatively short period. While focusing mainly on squats, most workouts ignore the calves. Jumping jacks and jump squats are perfect for developing and toning this often overlooked muscle.

All the moves in this leg workout can be performed utilizing only your body weight. The only piece of ‘equipment’ you will need is a sturdy chair. This routine consists of bodyweight squats, bodyweight walking lunges, chair squats, jump squats, jumping jacks and lunges with front kicks.

When performing any of these moves, remember to maintain proper form and wear supportive shoes. When squatting or performing any exercise where bending at the knee is required, never let your knees extend forward over your toes and do not let your glutes drop below your knees to prevent injury.

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1. Bodyweight squats

Standing up, the legs are bent at the knees and hips, lowering the torso between the legs. The torso leans forward to maintain balance. (Usually called a bodyweight squat to distinguish it from the use of weights.)

2. Bodyweight walking lunges

The person stands on flat surface and steps forward with one leg and bends down until the front knee is at ninety degrees angle and the back knee almost touches the surface while keeping the upper body straight. The persons then pushes back with the front leg to a standing position and repeats the exercise with the alternate leg.
chair squats,

3. Chair Squat

Stand in front of a chair with your feet hip-width apart. Slowly lower your buns toward the chair without actually sitting down. Keep your knees over your ankles and place your weight in your heels throughout the full range of motion. Straighten your body upright and repeat.

4. Jump Squat

A plyometrics exercise where the squatter engages in a rapid eccentric contraction and jumps forcefully off the floor at the top of the range of motion.

5. Jumping jacks

Performed by jumping to a position with the legs spread wide and the hands touching overhead and then returning to a position with the feet together and the arms at the sides. Sometimes known as jumping jacks and stride jumps or side-straddle hops in the US military.

6. Lunges with front kicks

Start with your feet together and your hands on your hips. Take a long step back with your right leg, and lower your hips into a lunge. Be sure your back knee is pointing directly toward the floor and your front knee is aligned with your ankle.

Push off with your right foot to lift your body into standing position. Then lift your right knee no higher than hip level. Slowly extend right leg forward. Keep your abdominals fully engaged, and avoid arching your lower back. Pause and step back into lunge position.

stand up legs