In bodybuilding or any other forms of strength training whether you start early or start late it’s still better than not starting at all. In this post we have put together some of the most impressive body transformation from young male teens between 16-17 years old. All the transformation are the most recent 2013 and 2014.

Keep in mind many of these guys are still in their teens which means their body is not fully develop. I sure didn’t look like that when I was 17, I’m sure you didn’t too 🙂 Their really worth watching if your looking for motivation or thinking about getting into bodybuilding, as they say “it will change you forever”.

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    1) 16 Year Old Bodybuilder Oliver Armbruster TRANSFORMATION


    His facebook page: oliverarmbrusternatural


    2) “Zoten” 3 Year Natural Teen Bodybuilding Transformation

    Zoten body transformation

    “My journey is not over. I have big plans for the future with my physique. Be sure to subscribe ;D” -Zoten

    Facebook: officialzoten
    Instagram: officialzoten

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