Chubby To MuscularFemale Transformation

48 Pound LOst Female Body Transformation

Name: Kristen
Age: 20
Transformation Age: 18
Final Transformation: 19
Start weight: 183
End of transformation weight: 123
Height: 5’7”
Estimate Bodyfat loss: 15%

Why did you start?: “I wanted to know what it was like to have self-worth and feel sexy.

How she lose weight? Her diets involves clean eating (avoid processed foods). Strength training and plenty of walking!

Her Diet:

Breakfast – Bowl of oat bran with almond milk, nut butter, berries, coconut and/or flax

Snack 1 – fresh fruits and plenty of melons…

Lunch – low sodium turkey

Snack 2 – Quest bar

Dinner – Grilled chicken breast, broccoli , brown rice, lean ground beef

Workout: She walks around 3-5 miles a day! 20 pound Kettlebell for strength training moves like squats. She started off with a lot of the Jillian Michaels during the beginning and it seems to help.


What kept you motivated?: “Seeing my body change before my eyes and finally experiencing confidence for the first time!”

Advice for those who want to succeed in body transformation: “IT TAKES TIME! Please, please don’t get discouraged if you gain 3 pounds inexplicably one day or you mess up. Pick right back up from where you left off! The key is balance!”

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