14. Put all your worries aside

Make the night easier for yourself by accepting things for what it is, letting go of all of your negative thoughts and worries. Be gentle with yourself. There’s nothing you can’t handle, tomorrow is another day, for now; it’s bedtime, PERIOD!

15. Meditate


credit: justingrantphotography.com

Last but not least is meditation. There are countless benefits of meditation even for bodybuilding. As they say, “the mind controls the body”. One of the main reasons we can’t fall asleep because our minds not being able to slow down from the anxieties and stresses that we face on a daily basis.

When the mind is calmed through meditation, sleep becomes natural and easy. Meditation also helps lower your heart rate and relax your muscles making it easier for you to fall asleep. One of the methods is focused on a calming word or phrase. Lie still and relaxed your mind to maximize the state of restfulness. The better the sleep, the better recovery!

If you use other methods that’s not mention in this article, then feel free to share them by posting it in the comment section below.