Often times we judge a person with a nearly perfect physique as having good genetics. Well, the ladies in this list proved that it’s not always about genetics. As long as you work hard for the body you want, then it will happen! Just like anything else, if you really want it bad enough you’ll get it.

It’s critical to stay motivate throughout the process. So many of us lose weight for the wrong reasons. The way we justify to ourselves is not inspiring enough. You need to be inspire by what you’re doing because losing weight is challenging. It’s going to depend on how much weight you’re going to lose.

For example, it’s not a very inspiring goal if you’re planning to lose only five pounds of weight. In fact, you might struggle to lose five pounds of weight more than you struggle to lose 20 or 30 pounds of weight. Most people won’t even notice that you loss five pounds and it would be very easy to gain those five pounds back.

So set your goals, have a vision of where you want to be, and how you would look in front of the mirror five months from now or a year from now. Make sure that you’re making a sustainable change and see yourself making a lifestyle change not just a quick little change. It’s very important to make exercise a part of your lifestyle because you don’t want to force yourself to workout.

A bad reasons to lose weight would be for example if you have a wedding coming up, for a high school reunion or some other type of event where you go to try to impress others. It’s never going to work because it might get you motivated in the short term but in the long run it does nothing for you. Nothing inside changes it still the same, you need to work on the psychology of why you’re overweight and why you keep falling off track.

If working out alone is something you don’t like to do then workout with a friend or working out with your partner can actually help give you that extra push and make exercising much more enjoyable.



Kay, here it is everyone! My transformation Tuesday pic! I have never ever done one of these before, but here it is for all to see. Purple suit was mid 2011 and blue suit was this past weekend. Not only have I made leaps and strides with my body physically, I am a completely different person inside between these two pics. I’ve learned to truly appreciate myself, love myself, know and listen to my body in all aspects, and be confident. I have goals in life and for myself, when I was a little lost in the other pic. But I doesn’t stop here, like I’ve said before, this is only the beginning of my journey and I can’t wait to continue to work hard and what I can concur! #transformationtuesday #tbt #loveyourself #beconfident #youvsyou #healthyliving #lifestyle #shinebright #concurgoals

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