See how to perform all 14 Lower ab exercise

1. How to do Bent knee hip raise

The ideal repetition range for this exercise will be in the higher limit, so shoot for between 15-30 reps per set. Total sets should be 3-5

2. How to do Lying Leg Raises

Do as many as you can. Beginners 8-12 reps and go for 25-50 reps if you have been doing them for awhile.

3. How to do Bicycle kicks

You’ll be surprised how many people thinks they know how to do the bicycle kicks. Watch this to do it correctly!

4. How to do Leg Lift with Hip Raise

Aim for 5-10 reps or more with good form, without causing any injuries.

5. How to do Mountain climbers

If you’ve done this move before and wondered why you didn’t feel it? Maybe you’ve been doing it the wrong way. Athletes frequently use mountain climbers as a warm-up to increase speed and performance to prepare them for an intense workout that follows.

6. How to Plank

The plank has been a popular core exercise in the past recent years but have you ever seen a video demonstration on how to properly do it? It not, watch this.

7. How to V-Sit ups

V-Sit ups is widely used in the Pilates trainings. This exercise will test your balance while strengthening your core. (not suitable for people with spinal problems)

8. How to do Scissors

Have back pain but still want to work the abs? Try the Scissors! You may not feel this until you do it for a while, so repeat this move for a total of 20 to 30 times on each leg (increase as you go).

9. How to do Reverse crunch

You need to contract your abs together and feel them burn!

10. How to do Hanging Knee Raise

This exercise can be difficult for beginners, try to aim for 10-15 reps. Avoid swinging your legs up. Instead contract your core to generate movement of the exercise.

11. How to do Jack Knife ab workout

The Jack Knife is a bit more challenging than a crunch or a side crunch. Start with 10 reps.

12. Hanging Leg Raise

Some trainers refer to the hanging leg raise as the holy grail of core training. You can develop some serious core strength with this exercise. Do 4-6 reps, increase reps as your strength improves.

13. How to do Decline sit up with shoulder press

Use low repetition, the larger your muscles get the more calories you burn thus giving you those visible abs much quicker. Add intensity by going back further and then holding for one second on the way down on every 2nd rep.

14. How to do Bosu bicycle crunch

Add more intensity to a bicycle crunch by performing them on a Bosu ball.

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