2. Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike role)

“I work out twice a day 6 days a week when I’m training for Magic Mike or for any other project I have. If you want to put on empty weight – eat empty food. I would say I eat to build. So I work very hard in the gym and I eat a lot of protein in order to provide me with the building blocks to maximize that training. There’s no sugar, no alcohol. You have to cut out a lot of that fun delicious stuff that most people like.”

“I spent the past 25 years, two-thirds of my life searching out the best trainers on the planet, the best methods on the planet, I did this completely natural no steroids, no human growth hormone. I was not born genetically to put on muscle, I was cursed with long limbs but somehow I found a way to do it. I got into powerlifting, I got into traditional Olympic lifts.”



1. Christian Bale (Batman role)

“I was just stuffing my face all day long and lifting heavy weights eating more and eventually went up to like 220 pounds. I just listen to what they said about get as big as you possibly can, so that’s what I did you know but I was kinda like a bear, I wasn’t really like martial arts guy all lean and ripped and everything like that. I had to cut down.”



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