4) 10 Minute Keeping It Real-Time Standing Abs Workout

There’s a total of 10 moves in this workout. It will be perform twice. 30 seconds each – no rest and no water breaks. According to “Millionaire Hoy”, if your having difficulties completing the workout, feel free to take a break and modify the workout.

The exercises:

1. Knee grab
Bring those knees up and tighten your abs.

2. Squat Knee Twists
Push the butt back. Don’t let your knees come in front of your toes. You’re working on your abs but also focus on the contracting the glutes.

3. Single Leg Sprints
Start single Leg Sprint with the left side. Perform this exercise as if you were running. Switch the opposite leg to complete 2 rounds.

4. Standing Toes Taps
As you bring that knee and foot up. Go as far as you can and as high as you can.

5. Tuck Jumps
Stand up straight, you’re going to hop up. Make sure you land softly on your knees. You’re contracting your core and abs as you bring that knee up and tap.

6. Swinging Legs
Hands behind your ears. Slow as you control the abs, legs, and your core.

7. High Knee Twists
Start with a twist, tightening your core, hitting those obliques, as you go from side to side.

8. Standing Obliques
Keep the core and abs tight during the exercise. Breath as you contract your core and your abs.

9. Prayer Squat Twists
Keep your feet straight together while bending down slowly.

10. Standing Bicycles
Keep your hands behind your ears. Twist and bring the knees up towards your elbow by bringing the elbow down.


Video Channel: Millionaire Hoy
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