3) 10 Minute Abs, Thighs and Butt Standing Workout by Melissa Bender

Melissa Bender is a fitness blogger, occupational therapist, yoga and fitness instructor. This workout will take 10 Rounds to complete one round. You can set your interval timer for 10 rounds of 10 second rest, 50 seconds for maximum repetitions on each exercise.

The exercises:

1. Standing Kick
Keep that core tight and working the entire time. Push that heel forward.

2. Table Kicks
Kick out to your side with bent knees about waiste level.

3. Double Elbow Knee Tab
Keep your knee to the same spot while twisting your torso to make both elbows touch the knee.

4. Figure Four Extension
Heels behind your knees and extend backwards. Keep your shoulders back and core tight throughtout the exercise.

5. Ninthy Degree Knee
Put one hand on the wall for balance. Keep the knees up in 90 degree angle and press feet 2. Squat Knee Twistsback towards the ceiling.

6. Forward Fold Reach
Stand with your feet together, arms overhead, reached back, return to the starting position, reach foward lowering your hand towards the floor.

That’s it for 1 round. If your up for it, you can repeat it 3 times for a total of a 30 minute workout!

Melissa Bender

Video Channel: Melissa Bender
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