4. Megan beat all the odds

Very inspiring transformation story by Megan from 6ftfit.com – she overcome her illness and now is taking her fitness training to the stage.

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5. Petra’s running and squat transformation

“I just wanna show you my butt progress. It takes 7 months. It’s only about squats, running and I just love piloxing and I am sure that it really help my butt as well, finally starting love my butt haha.”

Weight: 207lbs vs. 145lbs vs. 138lbs.
Height: 5’6

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petrunie transformation


6. RN, personal trainer, Christy 6 month transfomation

“My 6 month transformation last year. This year my baseline is much closet to where I was at in June so I am pumped to put in work and see where it can get me this year. Also, it’s huge to note that I am sooooo happy and so much less stressed than I was January of last year. Those cortisol effects succccck and to top it off I was recovering from some metAbolic damage. This year, thanks to balance and advocare, I am at a great starting point! No real goals of competing this year but definite goals of having abs and a booty for all my Caribbean trips and destination wedding this year!!”

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