Things are going to happen in life. Every now and then you blowout a workout because you want to go out with your friends or maybe it’s someone’s birthday and you want to have a slice of cake. Just accept it, don’t feel guilty, enjoy your choice and then get back on track the very next day. The fact is one bad meal or an evening out with the boys is not going to messed up your program if your consistent on a daily basis about 95 percent of the time.

Just stick to your diet and continue with your workout program. Unfortunately, people do something wrong and allow it to become a complete train wreck. For example, one might think “I already had a slice of cake, might as well have McDonald’s, pizza” or whatever it might be! Then the whole day becomes a train wreck because they felt guilty and figured they already messed things up.

If you find yourself in this position next time whether you meet up with someone or maybe your craving took over or you just had to get a pizza. Just acccept it, enjoy it, and get right back on track. Don’t let it mess up all the hard work you already put in. Remind yourself how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go to get the body want.




This is one of the step that’s going to save you from many days of cheating and messing up on your diet. You will get tempted, you will get cravings, you will want to eat junk food especially in the first 2-3 weeks. By getting rid of all the temptation and all the unhealthy food in your house is going to make it easy on yourself to resist the temptation and stick to your diet.

If you just feel like chewing on something when bored or just have a little craving. What you do is stock your house with something you CAN eat. The best kind of snacks are low calories snacks like carrots or celery sticks. You can chew on it without having to worry about messing up your diet.

junk food

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