Erin Stern

2X Ms. Figure Olympia / Team HMB / PEAK ATP athlete / USATF Competitor / Self-coached / Lifetime Natural!!

First published on Six Pack Abs on May 22, 2013.

“I realize that I needed to take ownership of my life that I had failed at everything because I mean poor choices I didn’t value myself”

“I learned that I could push myself and lift as heavy as possible and it was very hard for me to put on muscle mass.” That’s a reality of being a woman. Even most men struggle to gain muscular bulk. I lift hard, am six-feet tall, and am a lean and mean 170 pounds. Like Jen says, you won’t become a bodybuilder by accident. Even working your way up to an extreme level of lifting won’t lead to waking up one morning to find you’re unintentionally huge. “It’s not a realistic fear,” Erin said. “Under conditions where I’m trying to bulk up I really had to try hard, taking creatine and timing nutrients properly; even then it took a couple of years.”

If you’re still fearful of lifting, “You can try circuit training first and then move to heavy lifting later on if you want,” Erin said.

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