A little #transformationtuesday ✌️ For anyone new (hi) … I started weight training and following a macro based diet about 2.5 years ago. – Pic on the left TONS of cardio, horrible diet (aka binging, starving, purging… ), lots of drinking . I’m guessing between 115-118lbs (that was my “heaviest” before lifting). Was I miserable as a person? No! But I can’t say I was ever happy with my body. A constant struggle to be “skinny”. – Fast forward a few years to the pic on the right. 128lbs, eating 5 HEALTHY meals a day, lifting weights, working towards a goal… But most importantly, at peace with my body and in love with my life.❤️ Yes I’m currently on a mission to get lean but it’s a completely different mindset than the “always feeling fat” girl (Eventhough I clearly wasn’t. I was just skinny fat). Fitness has % changed my life in so so many areas!! – Whatever your reasons are for doing whatever it is you’re doing in life… Make sure the reasons make u happy!! It’s NEVER too late to start (I’m 37 btw) or make a change in your life. I know it takes hard work and it’s not easy but I PROMISE the results are worth it!! I’m talking about the results that change your outlook on life and create a happier u❤️ (not just the aesthetics). – That is all folks✌️. Look at my round face in pic one!

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