#transformationtuesday ! Pics taken Sept 10; Feb 8 and Mar 20. I was working out before September but definitely not thinking about what food/drinks I was consuming. Went through some personal struggle between 1st and 2nd pic so was still drinking and partying. Middle pic was at the start of my 8 week comp prep And I’d stopped drinking alcohol week before that (and do not miss it). Being two weeks out I’m a little stressed! Which is not ideal because it doesn’t allow me to rest/sleep very well. Thinking a dance class tonight will help. Dance always helps Also if someone wants to be my PA, I’m taking applications. Thanks to my awesome coach @zozofit for your support, wisdom and guidance. And for reminding me to chill out. Xx

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Hey hey hey, it’s #TransformationTuesday (aka my favorite day to post and stalk on Insta) !! HELL YES! I love seeing everyone’s progress and looking back on my own. I love the idea that were constantly changing, growing and getting stronger ! Here is my tummy progress. The first picture was taken last May during my study abroad in Barcelona. I was a few weeks into BBG and I thought I was beginning to see progress so I took a pic ✨. I’m so glad I did because I didn’t take many others early on and without it I would he be able to see how my body has transformed! Btw, that bra doesn’t even really fit me anymore I just wear it around my apartment. I hope everyone is getting sweattty today and killing their workouts! #bbg #kaylasarmy #thekaylamovement #bbgcommunity #bbggirls #deathbykayla #bbgny #bbgcollege #lg #lgaccountability #iifym

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