Want to get the most of your workout using just a barbbell? Here’s a great workout by personal trainer, Theo Simon from MovementTheory. Theo has put together this is a great combination moves using the barbbell known as the landmine exercises. Most are functional movements that are beneficial to improve posture and gait patterns. You can also use it for a good body activation, to build up strength, power, etc. Some of the moves puts high demand on the core musculature and glutes.

If there has not been a base or foundation built within the body then these exercises can potentially put you at risk for pain and injuries. So, it is highly advise that you have prior weight training experience as most of the exercise are considered advanced movements.


Barbbell Landmine Workout

1. Single Arm Row
2. Single Arm Press
3. Alternating Chop
4. Splitter Row
5. Splitter Stepping Press
6. Side Skip Chop
7. Alternating Row
8. Side Skip Press
9. Splitter Chop
10. Clean Stepping Press

Tip: Use light weight for better control and balance. It’s not about lifting heavy, it’s about the movement.


Let us know what you think of the landmine workout in the comment section below. Or know an exercise that you think should be in this list? Please let us know :)